In the community axis we focus on promoting studying opportunities in secondary and higher education. There are currently 94 fellows who have completed the OPPORTUNITIES program, in which we work in partnership with the Gloria de Kriete Foundation.

In addition, we promote continuing education through our Software Development Center, in which we teach courses so that young people can get a new tool for work – software programming. This program was created with the support of USAID- Bridges for Employment and Gloria de Kriete Foundation.


We work under our TOGETHER program, in which we focus our efforts on supporting the employees of the Borja Group companies in financial education and emotional health. Also, we take special care in promoting coexistence spaces for our collaborators mainly in sports activities.


In J.J. Borja Nathan, we try to preserve the environment, that’s why we use rainwater in the process of benefiting coffee, thanks to this we save 10 thousand gallons of water a year. In the plantation area, we replace plastic bags with tubes, which are reusable and help us to drastically reduce pollution. Each tube can be used more than 10 times. 


In 2017, we donated a computer technology center to the San Francisco Catholic Educational Complex in Concepción de Ataco, Ahuachapán. Which, has 38 computers with direct connection to the Institute of Technology and Higher Education of Monterrey (Mexico). Thanks to this, students have access to specialized courses that complement their education and enhance their personal development.

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