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Coffee producer family company by tradition from generation to generation. Plantations began about 120 years ago, and more than eighty percent of its coffee production is strictly high quality. In our estates, we cultivate the most highly-recognized varieties of coffee arabica, in terms of quality and flavor. Among them, we can mention Borbón, Pacas, Sampacho, plus the type we have named ABM, this variety is carefully processed under J.J. Borja Nathan’s proprietary process, a unique mutation of the Borbón, rust resistant, with better yields, reaches productive age faster and an excellent and unique cup.

All our farms are located in the Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range, which is known for its volcanic origin and ideal soil for coffee cultivation. All of our efforts are geared towards the well-being of our plantations and their environment, with a yearly cycle of cleaning, maintenance, fertilization, and certification in all our estates.

J.J. Borja Nathan maintains a careful selection and classification process during picking. Every day during harvest season, we identify zones and areas in each estate where our workers carefully pick the beans we will send to our mill. Here, the beans are identified, separated, and selected for wet or dry processing. This is where we put our experience to work while preparing our coffee: fine wash, semi-wash, drying by the sun, machine dry, African beds, etc.


Our farms have passed the verification process to become a Starbucks-preferred supplier as well as to comply with another buyer with their verification process.

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