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All our farms are located in the Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range, which is known for its volcanic origin and ideal soil for coffee cultivation. All of our efforts are geared towards the well-being of our plantations and their environment, with a yearly cycle of cleaning, maintenance, fertilization, and certification in all our estates.

coffee plantations

We specialize in preparing fine coffees for export, including Gourmet Coffees, SHG PLUS, Boutique Specialties, Generic, HG Coffees, and Netter. Our coffees are cultivated under the shadow of native trees that we have maintained and safeguarded for years. We also use the shade of Inga variety that also serves as nitrogen fixators to enrich the soil. We maintain a coffee plant/local fauna ratio that ensures its preservation, this also makes our estates a vital source of oxygen and water recharge area maintaining a safe habitat for local biodiversity.

Coffee Nursery

This is where the future of our first-class coffee begins, we carefully select cherries for seedling propagation, the seeds are hand-picked and planted in a blend of special soils that we prepare and cover with a blackout screen for shade and moisture retention, we control the variables until they germinate and the baby plants are transferred to our nursery where they are taken care of between 10 to 12 months. On each stage, they are carefully provided with proper nutrients. When they reach their optimal size of root and vegetative system we carefully introduce them into our estates according to renovation plans or new areas to develop. At this stage, they are strong resilient plants that will successfully cope with the different conditions of our estates.

Coffee farm located on geothermal fields and water deposits, which naturally fertilize the sub-soils with minerals. Moreover, because of its proximity to ausoles and fumaroles, these same minerals are misted into the air benefiting the plant directly. 

In 2005, the Ilamatepec volcano erupted releasing lots of ash into the air, which covered the surface of the farm with a layer of 10 centimeters, the rain came and the mix created sulfuric acid that completely burned the plantations, however it rejuvenated and replenished the soils with minerals and very valuable nutrients. This farm was completed renovated with our own ABM variety and Anacafe 14. The farm is sheltered by luscious mountain forest that combined with morning mist it creates one of the best microclimates to grow the best coffee.

Located at 1,450 MASL, Monterrey enjoys 100% fertile, humid soils thanks to the underground aquifer reservoirs. The moist soil, accompanied by constant winds, create a climate of low temperatures ideal for the growth of quality coffee.

Surrounded by high mountains, receiving a privileged type of indirect sunlight that combined with its high altitude and a flowing river it creates a cool microclimateideal for agricultural activities. We boast impressive Ceiba trees, some as half a century old scattered around the estate.

Under San Andres trees a very thick organic matter layer covers this estate, we have determined it to be 50% thicker than the already fertile soils of the occidental area of El Salvador, we completely renovated this estate in 2015 with Marsellesa, this variety was specially developed to rise productivity, rust resilient but mainly keeping the best attributes seeked by coffee connoisseurs.

If we were to draw a straight line towards the Pacific Ocean, this estate is only 18 km away, the ocean breeze reaches our plantations unsalted in just the right amount, the added humidity strengthens the grain development to meet density requirements of our premium buyers.

Our largest estate is Independencia, it is located in the Cordillera del Balsamo. River “Jayaque” also known by the local people as the “Niagara” river crosses the property providing abundant water for the crops with irrigation during dry season, it also raises humidity in the environment, five waterholes located inside the estate also feed the river through its path. We built a dam to provide with quality water to a nearby community called “La Labor”. The Flora and Fauna is so abundant that the local environmental authorities (MARN) asked us to install one of the six monitoring stations of El Salvador that keep track of weather and local endangered species like the wild cats, white tail deers, armadillos, Agouti and others.

We harvest with pride from this estate some of the best coffee varieties that enrich our portfolio of prime coffee.

Loma Larga is located in an area were three important volcanic events took place. The explosion of the Ilopango caldera, the eruption of the San Salvador volcano, and the explosion of the Coatepeque caldera. These events released gases and volcanic matter that were impregnated in the soils that are loaded with vital nutrients for the growth of coffee plants. While strolling the estate, obsidians and other vestiges rocks from the events are often found in the trails.

Located between rivers and water sources, the constant winds naturally moisturize coffee fields. La Quebrada benefits from the shade of the trees from the Inga family and other native species all of this combines to create an ideal microclimate for the cultivation of some of the best coffees in the world.

Located of the top of Apaneca´s volcano at 1600 MSNM, with its constant winds and fog provide a humid climate with eternal shade, ideal for the growth of pacamara coffee.

Located over 1400 MASL gourmet coffee with perfect attributes and high acidity are grown in this estate, Idyllic rain forests shadows our plantations enjoying constant rainfall throughout the year. Don Tadeo boasts some of the best views of Ahuachapan city and the Salvadoran countryside.

This is the estate located just besides our coffee mill, ‘Agua Caliente’, during the dry season we take special care of this plantations through artificial irrigation from our mills rain fallen reservoir thus ensuring superb grain growth and density. Evenings in Copinoles are received with a southern fog that prepare de nights for cool pleasant temperatures.

Located on the heights of the Ataco mountains, this estate still guards our Balsamo trees to provide shade, this combined with the low temperatures, its rain forest microclimate and rich black soils give life to high yield plantations of Caturra and ABM variety.

Three tributary streams of the “Jayaque” river flow through this estate, the rich soil full of moist and minerals from its volcanic origins host a Marsellesa and ABM plantation with the highest yields. After the hard hit of coffee rust in 2011 this estate was completely renovated with the afore mentioned varieties that boast high cupping grades. We availed of the situation to implement contour land use techniques to prevent erosion and become more efficient in all farm work including harvesting.

Sheltered under the shade of centuries old trees like “Voladores”, “Ceibas” and “Cedros”, our Pacamara plantations enjoy humid winds, fertile volcanic soils and waterholes to produce superb size grains with the best attributes. Wild life is abundant in this estate, specially our national bird the “Torogoz” can be spotted throughout.

In 2012, we completely renovated El Potrero, Sanpacho was introduced with the illusion to incorporate a low maintenance, high yield, rust resistant variety but without sacrificing cupping quality and grain size. San Pacho is one of our greatest prides since JJBN was the precursor of its introduction in El Salvador.

Half of this estate is a national rainforest reserve. The rainforest shares the microclimate with the neighboring coffee plantation carefully tailored with balsamo and voladores tree shades. The sandy loam soil is the best for coffee planting. Sanpacho variety grows in El Aceituno combining excellent environment with excellent variety obviously obtaining excellent crops.

Wind barriers of Copalchi trees embellish this estate, high ground, very cool climate and a big waterhole combine to host our very special ABM plantation. This estate produced the winner of the “Ernesto Illy” award, honor received in 2018 in New York, distinguishing us among the best nine coffees in the world and first place in Salvadoran coffees.

Luscious rain forests, encompassed by two rivers and beautiful cool climate, a majestic 200-year-old “Ceiba” tree create the perfect scenery for a coffee plantation. This is a very high yield estate that helps a lot with the local economy, we provide free housing to our “caporals” and their families inside the property and coordinate social work from our Foundation.

“Ojo de Agua” is Spanish for Waterhole, the water that raises from the ground is known for its purity and abundance. Very high-altitude estate and abundant water create a perfect habitat for our coffee. We started renovating this estate with Anacafe14 variety to take advantage of the soil and conditions accompanied with contour land techniques in order to harvest the best quality coffee possible.

Embraced by abundant flora and pierced by a vast river, constant mists covering its land, in which the Sampacho variety progresses formidably, the humid winds creare excellent micro climates with cool temperatures ideal for coffee growth.

At more than 1250 MASL, this estate is established on the face of a mountain complemented with contour land techniques, which helps to greatly reduce erosion and facilitates the coffee grain collection. It possesses a water reservoir which helps generate and maintain a humid condition which drastically stimulates the growth of the coffee grain. Furthermore, the estate supplies a nearby community of more than 200 families with a constant supply of foods.

Situated a few kilometers from Ataco, this estate has the benefit of having two waterholes, providing vivacity to the fauna and flora, furthermore creating the perfect conditions for the cultivation of bourbon variety. Shielded under the shade of centuries old trees, creating the perfect conditions for a grain worthy of the Cup of Excellence.

This lush estate is ideal for coffee growing, it combines the perfect conditions farmers seek, being this so, in 2016 we decided to introduce a low caffeine variety called Laurina it is a derivation of Arábica variety, the estate is in high grounds with plenty of water and low temperatures, some of our best gourmet coffee comes from this estate.

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